Michael Lutz

I am a Public Health professional and specialized in developing models and algorithm in bio-psycho-social health contexts i.e. corporate health.

Alpha-Beta-Testing Phase

Dear ycode-Team, I fully understand that in a first test phase a given number of early adopters already put a tremendeous stress level on the entire development process. Therefore I also understand, that you limit the number of early users. 

But ...
  • I need to come to an end of an evaluation phase of possible ways to build a health oriented web app. 
  • My hopes were to get at least a hands on in order to justify extending my research phase and take the risk of delays in release of a stable ycode solution.

So I probably speak in the name of several patiently waiting early ycode-adopters to get invited - being patient isn't easy when there is not a word about possible timelines. I. e. how long do I have to expect a "stay in line" phase after applying for the BETA phase? An if the capacities for the BETA is reached (which I could understand) my expectation is that this gets announced in the forum and/or on your web page. 

So please give us a little bit more information whether it is to be expected getting a real eye on the product in a few days, 2 weeks, a month or not at all at the moment.

Another big thing is to make your eventual commercial expectations transparent. Is there any business case you are looking for (which I totally understand).

Thanks for understand and interpreting my feedback respectively question as a proof of serious interest.

Whish you luck with the early phase!


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what about ycode pro

hi All, looks like I am the first poster here :-) ... what an honor. Several times I read about "ycode pro". Can anybody tell me the difference between "ycode" and "ycode pro"? thx in advance, Michael

Greetings from Germany

Hello to all of you 🙂

I am very curious about this new ycode world and a strong supporter of no-code approaches despite the fact, that I am writing code since the days when IBM-PC wasn't even born ;-) ... so quite a while. 

Since my heart does not belong to coding and I am very engaged in Public Health and Health Science, I am looking for faster ways to build Web Apps as interface between participants/patients and Health Intelligence. 

So I am looking forward taking my first steps with this promissing ycode approach.

best regards

Michael Lutz
M.A. Health Management

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