Half my site is done...

Wee!! After some initial errors etc. half my test site is done :-)... well it is only 1 page and a three question form, but it saves data to the table and I even have a drop down field that get options from a second table with relationship to the first (small victory). 

The second part I dont know how go about :-( I want to display data from my table as graphs... Is there a work around hack thing I could do you could recommend? 

I couldnt find an access to the database so I have tried displaying all data from the table on a second page, and hook up Microsoft Power BI scraping the page, build all graphs, publish to their server and embed the report as Iframe on ycode page1. Unfortunately I can't schedule automatic refresh on data this way.

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404 Not Found

Wanted to edit my app today as I made nice stuff yesterday  :-(

Select /dropdown items

I cant figure out how to enter the items I want in my dropdown field. And I can't find the 'Select' in the documentation.

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Can I have a work in progress without access to Ycode? I would like to think so...

I have a simple thing I want to make and I have not been able to make it on other nocode platforms. I guess my idea has been a work in progress for about 2 month now trying out different platforms with it but they where not intuitive enough for me to figure out the difficult part. I also tried Anvil but not excactly nocode. I even went to creative places like google datastudio and embedding a form to collect data.

So what is it I am trying to make? HAHA you are going to laugh how simple it is... 

I have a hobby involving a special machine. This machine has a name... All of my fellow hobbyists has also given there machine a name...  We kind of had to because when you turn it on for the first time it asks for a name. They made it that way... 

Anyways to make a short story short I want to collect data to find out what others have named their machines and if there are similar names. (it is just a silly little experiment).

I am thinking a one page form with three fields. 
a text field (for the name)
a drop down field (to select model)
a date field (to tell when they bought the machine)

and a submit button.

The second part is what I have not been able to solve in the other platforms and I hope to -in time - to do on Ycode. 
It... is... graphs/ plots / charts - basic statistics oh I like charts! (except you pie chart) 
But why don't you just make a google form to collect data?! Well 1) it is not what I want. 2) I cant give the participant instant feedback on the survey -they cant see the charts right away.

So to wrap up everything.
I want a form with three fields and a then a table or chart to show the top names used (if there is even two machines in the world named the same) 

I normally do data visualization in Microsoft Power BI and I dont expect Ycode to compete with that but I am also looking for a second tool that can do data collecting stuff in a user friendly way and this project is a simple test. 
What I would also like to do in the future is to hook up PowerBI directly to Ycode database and have a nice dashboard for the data visualization part. Ycode+powerbi oh my!

(Wait a minute if you just want to collect data and use something else to work the data why ycode then? Oh I cant tell you enough how much ycode would still be important for some of my ideas and powerbi is just for the extra nerdy stuff but that would be another time)

WhyCode bookingsystem

Hi, I'm waiting for access, but in the meantime I'd like to ask if you think YCode would be good at making a Booking app?
There would be two kind of users. The costumer who wants to book something for x number of days and the owner who wants to accept and have an overview of what is booked when and what is available (I am guessing a calendar function.

Is Dynamic Content on filtering data?

I found the documentation was clear and understandable (and funny at times). It is also nice you included topics about html and SEO. 

As time goes by there will probably be more examples of Dynamic Content but as of now it seems that "dynamic" only means getting data from the database and sort or filter it for display on the page.

How about these dynamic scenarios:
  • Inpage calculations i.e. take user input from several input boxes make calculation and display the result.
    Calculation might take into account what user selected in a drowdown.
  • Database calculations i.e. Count elements in database based on yy criteria, count unique, sum yy and yyys, take previous recording of yy minus new recording etc.

Is these possible now and are just not explained in the documentation yet or are they on the roadmap?

Giving context:
I have a hobby and want to make a simpel data collection site where my fellow hobbyist can fill out a simple form (max 3 fields, textfield: name, dropdown: type; datefield. ) 

Under the form there will be either a chart with top 5 names in different category/type. or a sorted list. 
It is important to be able to count and sum unique items instead of having the same name appear twice because there was two or more entries with same name.

I am trying to build this in Bubble.io but logic behind making these calculations and displaying correctly eludes me and it could be a good simple project for me to try on ycode instead.

Is it "Ycode" or "WhyCode"?

Is the name pronounced "Ycode" like Xcode, or "WhyCode?" ?

Hi I am Helmar

Looking with interest from Denmark on this project
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