Hello from Ibiza

Hi there, this is Mark from Ibiza, just discovered this awsome project and I am very excited and looking forward to try it. Lately I have been learning some language programing and have been looking for faster ways to design and code better websites, and I was lucky to find your project. At the moment I am piking up small clients, time to time, don't feel comfortable enough managing more than than 2 or 3 clients, since I am not programing as fast as I would like to.
Hope to be joining you soon.
Best regards,

Forgot to mention where I heard about ycode, I am a Mailerlite client, which brought me to The remmote company site, and then I found other projects, and was curious enough to check them since I had a great experience with Mailerlite and Mailercheck, and that's all, here I am 😃