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Previewing and setting breakpoints

Trying for the past 15 minutes to find where I can preview device breakpoints. Either I'm not seeing it or it's too hidden to be seen.
Would be great if breakpoints could be edited as well.

Sorry if it's there and I just can't find it but figured it's best to leave this here in case others bump into the same issue.
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Custom Colour palette not working

Tried saving a new palette and applying it to some elements in my design.

It shows up in the right panel, but doesn't change the colour in the design. It also double saved it (said New palette already exists, so I renamed it and it saved both).

Not priority but worth noting ;)ο»Ώ
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Messy code & technical debt

I'm learning front-end and I've stayed away from most no-code tools because the code itself is messy and further down the line you're bound to have to remake everything.Β 
I see ycode's using a really strong stack, Vue, Laravel, Postgre are a solid choice as far as I've been learning. Curious to know about other things that set it apart.
I've also seen that they allow you to migrate code, which is a very interesting feature.Β 
Paradoxically, I think one of the perks I'm missing is access to actual raw code. I've been getting accustomed to Github and deploying on Vercel, so that would actually help in my case.
Others thoughts on this?
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Integrating external JS

hey all,

Trying to integrate a countdown bar for a box that updates daily. Any idea how I can integrate the JS that controls that bar?
I made a <div> and gave it a bar id so I can select it, but got stuck when searching for the place to enter the JS. Any ideas?


Hi πŸ‘‹ I'm Ste from London, nice to meet you all

I've been learning to code for the past couple of months. I come from a design background and have been looking for ways to build my MVPs. I've got plenty of mocked up ideas in the drawer. Been seeking a way to build them myself.Β 

Started with solidifying my JS Skills, now moving onto React and Next JS. Most no-code solutions on the market have frankly let me down, so eagerly looking for the next thing out there.

I'm currently trying to build a platform that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to develop their business idea through a series of exercises and leveraging knowledge about lean business models. That plus a bunch of other small experiments. Putting out a guide soon, if you want early access say hi below πŸ‘€.
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