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Editor fails to load

After about a half hour of following documentation and building as I go, with issues with elements displaying in the same manner as shown, for some reason now the editor fails to load despite good internet connection and being on a supported browser, before this I was finding it to be slow loading times and the preview option also did not update even after saving progress, unfortunately, I am finding the product unusable at this time.

"Users" Database Creation

Hey guys,

Like Helmar mentions in Product Feedback, I too found the documentation really easy to follow, as someone who is not yet fluent with most terms and exactly how those things impact my design, this is a big deal for me.

With that said, I thought I'd begin my project by creating a simple database and creating a login for myself however, when I try to create the database 'Users' it says this database already exists, despite the list being empty (as it's a brand new project). Is this an automatic thing within the project that I do not have control over or have I missed/glanced over something by mistake, I don't recall any mention of example data anywhere in the documentation?

Screenshots attached.

Many thanks!
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Hi all! Hannah - Total n00b from the UK

Hey everyone,

Total newbie to coding and no-code worlds, hoping to create a personal use app that combines and streamlines elements from a range of apps I currently use into one simple, manageable platform to help me keep on top of life. Thought Iā€™d start small šŸ˜…Ā 

Looking forward to learning and seeing what everyone creates!Ā 
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