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[REQEUST] Using liquid syntax(?) and dynamic data in value field

Hi there. So I was thinking that I wanted to have the value field and/or placeholder of my datepicker to show todays date. I would love to add {today} in the placeholder field. Also adding dynamic content to placeholders and value fields would be awesome. ο»Ώ
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[FEATURE REQUEST] Enable redirect to another page (is logged in true/false)

As the topic say, I suggest that this feature should be added. To redirect a user (from a certain page) to another page depended on if the user is logged in / not logged in or to apply for both. For example. I want a user that does not have account to be redirected to signup. Meanwhile an already logged in user to get the message of "Welcome back, Username".

The workaround now is to change the conditions for an element. For example having a block covering the whole page that is only shown for is logged in true / false.Β 

Anyone else?

Simple to-do app (no authentication)

Hello everyone and greetings from Stockholm! Someone had to be the first to post here. I believe that the community will benefit from everything that you can showcase! I'm now taking the first step, and I hope that many will follow!

I'v built a very simple to-do app, responsive and fully working. There are some issues with the authentication still, but eventually I will add that feature too when the beta has had it's first update (exited as always). That being said, everyone can post and delete the tasks, so please: Be responsible, don't spam!!

This project took about an hour to build (I know right? ycode is great!)✨

Things that I'll evenually add later on:

  • User authentication (tasks is added as a multireferences to a user-entry)
  • Mark-as-complete (I have added this entry but the action to update an entry is not supported yet, from what I understand)
  • Improve responsiveness
  • Add a landingpage that are showcasing the app, including an UX-friendly "get-started CTA)

Please try it out!

ο»ΏIf you want to add something just comment below and i'll implement whatever is reasonable. I hope that this will have more of you post some showcases. Feel free to ask me any questions! πŸ˜€

-Stefan B

  • I have also added Plausible Analytics in the <head> code of the app.Β 
  • Added <title> tag in the custom code section (the title in SEO settings isn't applied on save) code is now as follows ο»Ώ
  • Added a custom dmain:
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Sizing experience

Hey ycode! No suprise that I love ycode, and the same goes for the UI. However I do miss the power from Webflows sizing options, is there a way to manipulate the presets of tailwind more "hands-on" than it is right now? Personally I would appreciate if it was more straight forward on how to change the max-width for example. Please see an image from Webflow attached.


Hi there everyone! My name is Stefan - I'm running an agency in Stockholm and are looking to scale both our client cases and my own personal edge. Let's change the world. Let's make Ycode what it's potential really is. We are many that are exited - let's exite others too!ο»Ώβ˜’ο»Ώ
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